Gina neely weight loss plan

By Delaina Dixon May 30, 2013 Entertainment, Get Fit. Gina Neely is 25 pounds lighter down to 123 lbs. thanks to a healthy new lifestyle. DivaGals spoke with the Food Network star and chef to get her weight loss secrets with

gina neely weight loss plan

Anne Moranis Bio Net worth, Height, Weight Gina Neely. Actress; Previous Picture Perfect Weight Loss Diet Program is a celebrated weight loss plan which Gina Neely of the Food Network appeared Saturday at the 2016 PA Farm Show at the PA Preferred Culinary Neely has received attention for her dramatic weight loss.

I dont know about yall but Gina Neely from the highly popular Down Home With The Neelys cooking show is looking good!

Gina Neely looks great!! Before and After Weight Loss

Back in 2013, a year before former Food Network star Gina Neely divorced her now exhusband (and Down Home with the Neelys costar) Pat, Neely realized she was no longer comfortable with her size 8 body and embarked Watch the best Loss videos videos online.

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gina neely weight loss plan

I weighed so much that I was embarrassed to be seen at the gym. That means there is no way to work the weight off.

gina neely weight loss plan

I was stuck, too selfconscious to go the gym but still too fat. Nutres put paid to that, it gave me the boost I needed to lose weight. These days, Memphis barbecue has hit the mainstream with local restaurateurs Pat and Gina Neely exploding as Food Network celebrities and Justin Timberlake planning to expand his Southern Hospitality barbecue restaurants nationwide.

gina neely weight loss plan

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