Lepacious bose weight loss story

Lepacious Bose describes what motivated her to go on her weight loss journey as one very important encounter with her nephew, Simi. It was this incident that served as a wake up call for her. According to Bose, it was a

Weight Loss: I Did A Bit Of Skin Removal - Lepacious Bose Pt2 Rubbin Minds

Lepacious Bose is a lot of things. A woman of God, a comedian, and now a weight watcher and healthy eating advocate. She is these things because she has a story to tell.

lepacious bose weight loss story

After a near death experience due to her weight and size, Lepacious Bose decided that she was going to cut the fat. Obviously it Lepacious Bose Speaks on Massive Weight Loss Journey. THEREFORE Today I declare, I am Boseds Olufunke aka Lepacious Bose, I am a daughter of destiny, God created me for a purpose, I am not a mistake, I am not an alternative.

Female comedian, Lepacious Bose who is still rocking her miraculous weight loss, has once again spoken about her weight loss and the challenges that has come with it.

lepacious bose weight loss story

In a recent interview with Telegraph, Bose said; on the internet, people said so many negative things about me. At the time, I kept asking myself [ I made more money when I was fat Lepacious Bose. Published July 1, 2017 July 1, my weight loss has been an incredible journey and I am proud of the progress I have made and I dont intend to stop.

lepacious bose weight loss story

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I made more money when I was fat than when I became

Just in. Saraki, Kwara governor dump APC, join PDP. Top female standup comedienne is known to be a very fat woman, but one who has used her huge weight to good effect by using her body as a vessel to sell her jokes across. Even her name Lepacious Bose is a mockery of her figure.

lepacious bose weight loss story

Comedian Lepacious Bose has shared an inspiring message on social media to celebrate five years of her weight loss journey. In the post, she explained that she hated herself and constantly tried to take her own life before she lost weight.

lepacious bose weight loss story

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